LaCrasia formal 16 inch Opera length gloves on the cover of Town and Country Magazine

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DIane Isabelle Loevner presented as a Debutante at the Cinderella Ball 2009 Pittsburgh Pa. wearing white leather Debutante gloves. Photo by Hills Studio


Elegant, timeless
treasures crafted
from white nappa
leather unlined

16 inch length Debutante
gloves wrist to hem with
three button opening.
Sizes 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8 or
custom orders available

Standard sizes,
Custom orders
your order
or call us at 212-686-5428


MEN’S FORMALMen's formal leather gloves

White supple leather
wrist length gloves

Sizes: 8, 8.5, 9,
9.5, 10, 10.5
E-mail your order
or call us at 212-686-5428


WOMEN’S FORMALWomen's formal fabric gloves, 16 inch length for Cotillions and Presentations

White fabric gloves for Cotillions and Presentations

16 inch length
wrist to hem. One size
E-mail your order
or call us at 212-686-5428



MEN’S FORMALMen's formal White Cotton gloves

Fine white cotton gloves with three rows of stitching and elastic on palm side for a better fit, wrist length

Sizes: 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5
E-mail your order
or call us at 212686-5428





I am recommending LaCrasia Gloves to our future debutante classes”. C.L.


Shipping and Handling via Priority Mail. Next Day Express Available on request. E-mail your glove order or call 212-686-5428 to order.

Master Glove-cutter Jay Ruckel

has crafted more than 20,000 pairs of custom-made Debutante Gloves during the last quarter century at LaCrasia Gloves. All proudly made in New York City. LaCrasia Gloves specializes in pure white, supple leather long debutante gloves, fully measured with percision from the bicep to the fingertips. We make these Debutante gloves every day, and Jay has never missed a Debutante deadline.

As Diane Sawyer said on Good Morning America, “when Jay Ruckel hangs up his cutting shears, it may well be the last stitch in time for white Debutante Gloves made in America”.

In addition to Debutante Gloves LaCrasia Gloves makes white wrist-length men’s formal gloves available in supple leather or fine cotton. LaCrasia also offers stretch fabric opera-length gloves for other formal occasions, Presentations, Cotillions, and Quadrilles.

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